Zombie Apocalypse – Free zombie game Apk Download

Create powerful army and destroy hordes of zombies! Without Internet!

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nblg stp net infoshell zombierisingZombie tsunami is coming. Your project is to stand all zombie tsunami and intercept to killing of scientists who make a vaccine from virus. Create sturdy squaddies and catchers who will guard you and your paintings within the great zombie shooting games. Play the great of zombie games free of charge!

Zombie Apocalypse is the new game of shooting zombies and strategy genre with out Internet for FREE. Rules are simple: simply dispose one-of-a-kind units as vegetation at the map and repulse waves of zombie.Just make them your own useless target. It may be regarded that there is zombie farm close by because it will be too a lot of them! These monsters may also kill your protecters consequently be cautious! If certainly one of zombies reach the left aspect at the least, you lose!

Thats no longer just a capturing or runner game approximately zombies – you ought to create your own method, emerge as a real ninja zombies. There aren’t most effective gadgets. You can use mines, bombs and freezing as opposed to ugly monsters! Explode zombie with bombs and rockets!

How to play
— Tap at the unit and swipe to point you need
— Collect cash which falls from zombies
— Dont forget about approximately new units because zombies can kill them!


???? Units
You have 8 forms of infantrymen who can shoot all zombies. Double pistol, Electric, Fireman, Gatling Gun, Mr Rocket, Shotgun or Sniper – pick anything you want and spoil them all to store the world. When you’ll earn sufficient money just upgrade your gadgets to cause them to a good deal more potent!

???? Skills
Improve your competencies! It is important to make this zombie killing games greater interesting and exciting. Remember that the similarly you move the more difficult game becomes.

???? Levels
Its journey time! Here are 23 levels and it is going to be extra! Each level is the new complexity and new varieties of zombie.

???? Hard mode
Complete all degrees and free up difficult mode to make this brilliant recreation extra dynamic!

Lets save the sector in the exceptional recreation Zombie Apocalypse!

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