Five Nights at Freddy’ s 2 Apk

No place to run, and exactly one place to hide.

nblg stp com scottgames fnaf2NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at the least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run nicely.

Welcome lower back to the brand new and stepped forward Freddy Fazbears Pizza!

In Five Nights at Freddys 2, the vintage and ageing animatronics are joined by using a new solid of characters. They are kid-pleasant, updated with the brand new in facial reputation era, tied into neighborhood criminal databases, and promise to place on a secure and entertaining show for kids and grown-u.S.Alike!

What could cross incorrect?

As the brand new safety protect working nights, your process is to reveal cameras and make certain nothing is going incorrect after-hours. The previous protect has complained approximately the characters seeking to get into the office (he has seeing that been moved to day-shift). So to make your activity simpler, youve been furnished along with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which have to idiot the animatronic characters into leaving you on my own if they must accidentally input your workplace.

As continually, Fazbear Entertainment isn’t always responsible for demise or dismemberment.

NOTE: Game completely in English.


Free Counter-Strategy – CS GO Simulator Case Opening

Open Cases, Equip Skins and Play Competitive Matches

nblg stp com csgameapp counter strategyOpen CS GO cases, construct your dream skin inventory, set your techniques and compete with different gamers. Play aggressive matches and rank up with sensible healthy simulation. You have an extended way from Silver to Global Elite!

Simulate realistic suits on aggressive maps, see your stats on the scoreboard and get weapon cases.

Before you play, set your tactics and compete in suits in opposition to different gamers. You can choose how to allocate your Talent Points. Increase your assault electricity, bolster your defenses, and keep winning the suits.

Open cases, equip the nice skins, increase your assault and protection strength, and dominate your combatants.

From Silver 1 to Global Elite, as long as you win the fits youll get Elo and XP factors.

– Skin Crafting (Trade Up Simulator)
– Upgrader Game
– Coinflip
– Bomb Timer (Crash Game)
– CS GO Roulette Simulator

Complete more than 50 in-sport achievements and earn rewards.

– CS GO Match Simulator
– Profile and Player Stats
– Real Skill Groups
– Talents
– Achievements and Rewards
– Elo Ranking
– Level Up
– Open CS GO instances and get skins
– Equip or Sell Items
– Real Item Prices
– Gloves, Knives, Stattraks and Souvenirs
– Get CS GO Agents
– Item Inventory
– Case Market
– Free to Play

Notice: Counter-Strike is a registered trademark of Valve Corporation. This game isn’t always affiliated with Valve Corporation. All Counter-Strike belongings are assets of Valve Corporation.

Rivengard Apk

Grow your collection of heroes to beat epic hordes and bosses on the battlefield

nblg stp com king hero rpg tacticsChallenge your tactical mastery on this new flip-based totally RPG!

Make use of the terrain and the specific strengths of your heroes to steer them in the direction of victory!

Unlock and upgrade your closing series of heroes to installation as an unwavering force at the battlefield!

Strike down and conquer effective hordes of enemies through unleashing your characters precise skills!

Fight your way to the pinnacle and take down the worlds strongest bosses, forcing them to join your team!

• Access full game functions while connected to the net

Free Dawn of Dynasty

Exciting new Three Kingdom SLG! Recruit your favorite generals to reunify China!

nblg stp com igg android dawnofdynastyWelcome to Dawn of Dynasty, the cutest Three Kingdom strategy game!

The Han Empire is at the verge of collapse. Ambitious warlords rise to strength, claiming cities and land for themselves. You need to recruit effective generals, boost an invincible military, and enlarge your territory to reunify China!

☆ The Cutest Three Kingdom Game!
Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang… How can they probable be this lovable?! Featuring fantastic artwork from trending Chinese and Japanese graphic artists, you could now recruit and fight along well-known generals and warlords in their gender-bent forms!

☆ Intense Real-Time Battles!
Command your military in intense thousand-man battles – a real real-time approach experience! With an unparalleled amount of freedom to manipulate your armies movement in conflict, you could now pull off clever maneuvers to shatter your fighters defenses!

☆ Infinite Map Zoom Feature!
Explore the expansive international of Three Kingdoms with the latest countless zoom function! With just two arms, zoom inside and outside freely to view your structure setups, navy deployments, or even look at surrounding regions for hidden risks!

☆ Customize and Build Your Own City!
Join your favored Factions and beautify your City with precise outdoors decors! Enjoy building your fully-customizable City with roaming residents, patrols, castle walls, and torch-lit streets!

Join us now, my lord!
Your very own Three Kingdoms legend is set to spread!

Smashing Four Apk Download

Fight 1v1 real-time turn-based battles against players from around the world!

nblg stp com geewa smashingfourEnter the Arena and get geared up to fight fierce 1v1 actual-time battles in opposition to players from round the world! Experience precise gameplay and an unique take on pool physics with this card-collectible PvP method recreation in which every wreck counts!

Win battles, benefit trophies, accumulate rewards amp; cards to free up your heroes powerful abilities in order to flip the arena the other way up and smash your enemy to pieces. Join a extended family, meet different Smashers and assist each other on your manner to the pinnacle of the ranks. Rule the world of Smashing Four collectively!

Prove your ability in 1v1 PvP! Execute your method in distinctive arenas! Smash your manner to the victory!

Have a smashing time!

PvP, actual-time, flip-based totally, card-collectible strategy
Duel gamers from everywhere in the world in difficult arenas
Win battles to earn rewards
Collect playing cards to unencumber new heroes amp; upgrade them to unharness their specific skills
Smash your opponents inside the arena and combat your way as much as the top of the ranks
Get all heroes to be had amp; get equipped for new arrivals
Fight within the hard environments of 10 game-converting Arenas
Create your personal Clan or be a part of an existing one
Share playing cards, chat and venture your clanmates in friendly battles

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TowerRush Apk Download

Tower Defense game TD

nblg stp com gnarlygamestudio projecttowerTime for a Tower Defense like no other????
Win through constructing higher protection against monsters
Player with the better deck and method wins all.

A extensive type of unit kinds, enemies and actual opponents makes each sport consultation specific.
Players can rise in rank by using building high-tiered decks and boosting their gadgets.

Free Five Nights at Freddy’ s AR Special Delivery

Feel the fear in the ultimate FNAF Augmented Reality nightmare!

nblg stp com illumix fnafarFive Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery is the following terrifying installment inside the FNAF franchise. Players will confront malfunctioning animatronics in their actual global and try to live to tell the tale these horrors come to lifestyles. Through the game, gamers join Fazbear Entertainment’s latest “Fazbear Funtime Service” and get their favorite animatronics on-call for. Due to unlucky circumstances, the touring animatronics malfunction and attack subscribers in place of wonderful them.

Players should confront an limitless flow of antagonistic animatronics with a view to observe them anywhere they move. The question is, how long can players live to tell the tale? And simply what’s occurring at Fazbear Entertainment?



★IMMERSE YOURSELF in terrifying augmented truth audio-visual assault sequences solely designed for every animatronic

★EXPERIENCE actual-time region based totally gameplay, wherein FNAF animatronics can pay you a visit anyplace you’re and anywhere you move

★SURVIVE animatronic attacks by using the usage of your restrained assets wisely (which includes battery, flashlight, and shocker)

★COLLECT components, CPUs, and plushsuits to ASSEMBLE, test, restore and install your very own hotwired animatronics, and search amp; gather remnant to your surroundings

★SEND ANIMATRONICS against your friends and different gamers, and get the highest spot at the leaderboard


Additional Notes:
Please word that FNAF AR: Special Delivery is loose to download and play, however offers some sport items for purchase with actual cash. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

Play recommendations:
– Data connection required. (Mobile/WiFi)
– Best performed with headphones!

– Compatibility isn’t guaranteed for gadgets without GPS talents or gadgets which might be connected best to Wi-Fi networks.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:


Experience epic, fast, truly tactical space combat against other players.

nblg stp com ParallelSpace InfernoEXPERIENCE EPIC SPACE COMBAT

In BATTLESHIP APOLLO, you create your warfare deliver and equip it by deciding on among limitless of alternatives for guns, guide opponents, and other unique abilties. You will bring your Battleship to combat in a spread of situations towards cunning, tactical, unpredictable human fighters. Your each day fight efforts will add up to full-size rewards over time, with new regions, new Battleships, new talents and special occasions making themselves available as you progress.

BATTLESHIP APOLLO respects a while, with immediately load instances and brief combat that normally resolves within a couple of minutes. At the same time, it lets in you to spend as a lot time as you need in the sport, with out artificial development walls. We have taken special care to dispose of superfluous Real Time Strategy elements, while nevertheless retaining whats crucial to preserve tactical depth.


Two hundred years have surpassed due to the fact the beginning of colonization and the activities of Hades Star. The Hades Galaxy is now more volatile than ever.

Obsessed with being the first to find the private secrets and techniques of the Universe, the Corporations are spending considerable resources to gain the slightest technological advantages.

Massive Battleships, bigger than something visible before, are being constructed in shipyards all around the Galaxy.

As one in every of many Battleship Commanders, you’ve got a vital role to play in the War ahead.


– Control large Battleships, every with their own unique ability, and customize them with countless alternatives for weapons and modules.
– Pick from severa devices and strategies to attain victory in diverse combat conditions against real players.
– Make seen development together with your fleet and era over weeks, months and years.
– Organize with different players in Corporations to proportion understanding and progress together.
– Play at your very own tempo: Nobody will unfairly scouse borrow your assets or development at the same time as you are offline.

Free Age of History II – Lite

AoH2 is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to learn yet hard to master.

nblg stp age of civilizations2 jakowski lukasz liteAge of History II is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to study but hard to master.
Your objective is to apply military tactics and foxy international relations to both unify the world, or overcome it.
Will the world bleed out or bow before you? The desire is yours..

Approach to the History
Age of History II is going thru the whole records of humanity, Age through Age, beginning in the Age of Civilizations and main into the a long way future

Historical Grand Campaign
Play as many Civilizations ranging from the most important empire to the smallest tribe, and lead your people to glory in a campaign spanning lots of years from the dawn of civilization to the destiny of mankind

Main Features

Detailed map of the world with many historical borders
Deeper diplomatic system among Civilizations
Peace treaties
Create own History the usage of in-sport editors
Hotseat, play with as many players as Civilizations in scenario!
Terrain Types
More precise range of Populations
End sport timelapses

Create very own international and play it!
Scenario Editor, create very own historic or change history eventualities!
Civilization Creator
Flag maker
Wasteland Editor

Age of History II Apk

AoH2 is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to learn yet hard to master.

nblg stp age of civilizations2 jakowski lukaszAge of History II is a grand method wargame that is simple to research yet difficult to master.

Your objective is to use army tactics and foxy diplomacy to both unify the world, or triumph over it.
Will the arena bleed out or bow earlier than you? The preference is yours..

Approach to the History
Age of History II is going through the entire history of humanity, Age by means of Age, starting inside the Age of Civilizations and leading into the some distance future

Historical Grand Campaign
Play as many Civilizations starting from the most important empire to the smallest tribe, and lead your people to glory in a campaign spanning thousands of years from the sunrise of civilization to the future of mankind

Main Features

Detailed map of the sector with many ancient borders
Deeper diplomatic device among Civilizations
Peace treaties
Create own History the usage of in-recreation editors
Hotseat, play with as many gamers as Civilizations in scenario!
Terrain Types
More distinctive range of Populations
End sport timelapses

Create very own world and play it!
Scenario Editor, create personal historical or trade history situations!
Civilization Creator
Flag maker
Wasteland Editor