Stick Fight 2 Apk Download

Addictive and fast fighting action with stickman characters and arcade gameplay

com technull stickfight2

nblg stp com technull stickfight2Welcome to the Stick Fight 2

Feature List


*Addictive, speedy paced, action packed, arcade combating gameplay
*Endless survival arcade mode
*Survival mode adapts to your talent level for better movement enjoy
*Multiplayer Duel arcade mod fighting different players
*Fighting is based totally on speedy reflexes


*Daily rewards for your leaderboard status
*Weekly rewards for your ranking in Duel arcade mod
*Daily leaderboard reset each day, weekly leaderboard reset every week
*Strict anti-cheat algorithms to save you unjust scores


*5 exclusive weapon kinds and 15 exceptional weapons
*50 items to personalize your individual
*Weapons, bracelets and hats can be upgraded
*Items furnish you one of a kind stats
*Open packs for stones and visual items

Hordes of stickman, wave with the aid of wave looking to put on you down, awaiting your first mistake. You as the selected stick man need to mindlessly beat them up with your kung fu. Nobody is aware of why you are the chosen, nor all of us knows why those idiots run in the direction of you, just to get punch in their sensitive components.

You have a extensive sort of weapons to selected from on your arsenal and they’re geared up for movement. Punch them senseless to free up greater and upgrade. Customize your stickman on your fashion with lots of skins, hats, bracelets and guns. Be the samurai, ninja, knight or martial arts master… Or whatever cool stick dude you destined to be!

Test your competencies inside the new endless movement survival mode. These stick men are in no way bored of getting slashed, smashed or bashed by you. Believe me they may hold running at you want zombies. At the end of every day great players will get unique rewards in keeping with their standing at the leaderboard!

New duel machine gives a ranked matchmaking movement device where you may test your abilties in beating people running closer to you. At the cease of each week the first-class of great may be rewarded with unique gadgets!

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