Free Survival Day:Z Girls Battle

You have been surrounded, now the gun in your hand is your only reliance!

com zgirl survival free

nblg stp com zgirl survival freeAs a commando, you need to pass deep into the metropolis and rescue the besieged team participants and civilians!

In order to live on, you have to wage a fierce last conflict with the enemies!

Game capabilities:
clean to use:
Buy guns to combat routinely, the equal weapon may be synthesized into better-degree weapons. In the sport you could also growth the fee of fireplace of the weapon through clicking
Fully equipped:
A total of fifty three diverse weapons, further to the famous AK-forty seven, M4, 98K, etc .; there are many heavy guns, inclusive of heavy machine guns, RPG, and many others .; except for the first time, in the sport
There are also a ramification of effective props that can help you spoil enemies faster: grenades, shock waves, electricity supplies, etc. If you are injured, you may nevertheless use the medical package
Quickly restore fitness.

Here you have to do the whole lot possible to repel the enemy and continue to exist!

In this doomsday world, you may best consider in your self!

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