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Deep scanning device storage analyzer and disk cleaner in your hands

com mobile infographics tools mydrive

nblg stp com mobile infographics tools mydriveStorage Analyzer amp; Disk Usage displays records on sdcard, usb gadgets, outside and internal storage, cloud storages (Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk) in a simple and clear graphical shape (infographics).

Storage Analyzer amp; Disk Usage facilitates to free up disk area and easy record trash by quickly locating and deleting massive files with sunburst chart and other helpful modes.

At this time its the maximum advanced and interactive disk utilization visualization purifier on Google Play. This application is an critical addition to any record browser. It’s far quite simple and handy device to search for documents by using length, type, date and different criteria.

Cache purifier allows you fast delete apps cache documents.

Folders and Files are represented as a Sunburst chart and taken care of through their length.
Central chart region is a modern-day directory. Its represented with the aid of a circle. The relaxation of the world is the subfolders and documents. Click on the world and we cross deeper. Application attracts nested stages with a head of previously decided on region.

Disk amp; garage analyzer displays mount points as a pie chart with a free and available area and the distribution of documents by means of class (files, snap shots, movies, track, and so forth.) and extensions (as an example, the distribution of the Music has subcategory mp3, wma, ogg, and many others.)

All contents of the device is indexed at run. Full drive search can be accomplished in a second. Founded documents are displayed on the Quick Search page after entering a seek question.

Global Top Ten biggest files mode is to be had.

User-pleasant interface allows you speedy transfer among modes and pages.

You have the subsequent pages in the application:

● FILE CATEGORIES. All documents in internal and outside garage, SD card or USB tool are offered in a established way:
By category (files, films, music, and many others.)
By document size (massive, medium, small, tiny and so forth.).
By date (nowadays and the day prior to this, ultimate week, etc.)

● Devices Storages page shows the precis information for to be had storage.

● Drive UsageSunburst chard is an Intuitive and powerful way to display the statistics on the device. Simply drill-in and you may discover internal information universe. If you have used WinDirStat, Linux Baobab, Disk Space Fun or TreeSize you are welcome!

● Top 10 Files mode shows you wherein all the loose space at the device has disappeared

● Quick Search mode shows the result of search or a content of a chosen class.

Application carries lovely widget with clean design. Widget lets in to govern disk area from a launch display and presentations unfastened and occupied area of internal garage. Widget can be resized in case your android os version lets in it. Unique app characteristic is widget for cloud storages Google Drive, Dropbox and Yandex Disk.

# Application is still in improvement, so there can be sudden force closes. Please write me be e-mail and Ill assist you. Thank you!

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