Free SeeYou Navigator

Flight navigation and recording app for soaring, paragliding and hang gliding.

com naviter SeeYouNavigator

nblg stp com naviter SeeYouNavigatorWant to fly light-weight? Just going for a fast flight or and don’t need all of the heavy equipment? Install SeeYou Navigator to your Android or iOS smartphone and allow it document the flight for you. It is especially tailor-made for hovering, paragliding and hold gliding pilots.

Simple to use – Works just like other apps which you understand
Safety first – Helps keep secure final flow to landing places close by
Live data – enhances your other flight electronics with live weather and visitors records

The benefits above, mixed with seamless integration with SeeYou in a software package makes SeeYou Navigator a compelling software bundle to your first flights. And the best partner in your normal Vario or flight recorder consisting of Oudie.

Main capabilities:
– Personalize display format
– Navigate to goal
– Airspace Warnings
– Final drift navboxes
– Cross-us of a optimization navboxes
– Thermal assistant
– Swipe gestures
– Rain Radar layer
– Live OpenGliderNetwork visitors layer
– Integration with TopMeteo weather forecasts
– Integration with SkySight forecasts
– Landscape and portrait orientation
– Logbook
– Upload to on line contests
– Seamless integration with SeeYou Cloud

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