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Manage your stock in your warehouse with this inventory management app

nl industrialit warehousemanagement

nblg stp nl industrialit warehousemanagementManage your inventory on your warehouse with this inventory control app. Improve your logistics with a warehouse control system. Inventory management is a key part of the supply chain and mainly ambitions to govern the movement and storage of substances within a warehouse and method the related transactions, along with transport, receiving, putaway and selecting

– Add inventory to you store
– Remove inventory from your warehouse
– Move stock between storage locations
– Real-time global stock visibility for all your customers
– Count and correct your stock
– Share your stock
– Manage your stock transactions
– Locate your inventory
– Manage your warehouse locations
– Replenishment recommendation
– Use the internet based totally interface

Extensive reporting and evaluation:
– Statistics
– Fillgrade
– Total items in inventory
– Transactions
– Fast movers
– Slow movers
– Inventory accuracy
– Inventory cost

Use a bluetooth barcode scanner for quick barcode scan.

Manage your stock, stockroom, replenishment, warehouse or repository without problems with this Inventory control or Warehouse Management System (WMS). Use several Android gadgets simultaneous to manipulate your retail inventory. This app is an Logistic Execution System to manipulate the logistics for your warehouse.

This app makes use of your account, e mail and 1/3-party money owed data to make it run easily. Information inclusive of, but no longer confined to, contact info, personal information, personnel, phone variety, electronic mail address, vicinity, IP cope with, cookies, inventory, transactions are stored and processed for the proper functioning of the provider. The saved statistics is only used internally via Industrial IT for development purposes and shall not be furnished to 0.33 events. By using this app you agree to the privacy assertion which you may locate within the play keep.

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