Free Content Transfer

Transfer photos, videos, music and more from your old device to a new device.

com verizon contenttransfer

nblg stp com verizon contenttransferWith the Content Transfer app, its clean to switch your contacts and different content material from your antique cellphone to your new telephone, without the need for wires, subscribed offerings or extra device. Our quick 3-step procedure makes it simple to:

Install and run the app on both gadgets to easily replica your personal facts from one smartphone to some other.

Choose to transfer content to and from any device or transfer facts through just scanning a QR code.

Select the content you want to transfer, inclusive of pictures and movies, in addition to contacts, calendars and reminders. Track the progress of the transfer on the move.

Transfer all your stuff easily and start playing your new telephone with the Verizon Content Transfer app.

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