Clean Keeper – Boost Performance Remove Junk Apk

Now it#39;s easy to keep your phone clean and fast

pck cleankeeper app

nblg stp pck cleankeeper appSometimes all and sundry notices that their device became paintings slower. And while it occurs, you want to have an applications that looks after your phone. Thats why we launched Clean Keeper. With Clean Keeper you forget about about sluggish performance due to the fact your smartphone may be constantly smooth and rapid!

Clean Keeper is all-in-one tool, that consists of:

???? Cache Cleaner
???? Battery Saver
???? Memory Cleaner
???? CPU Cooler
???? Proactive Protection Widget

???? Cache Cleaner
Cache Cleaner will hold your device clean of temporary and redundant system files. It wont delete anything that vital to you.

⚡Battery Saver
Battery Saver will help you to reduce your device battery consumption with hibernating packages that not in use. It adds as much as 60% lifetime.

???? Memory Cleaner
Memory Cleaner enables to hibernate applications that take place in your RAM, so you have extra resources to run packages you actually need.

????️ CPU Cooler
CPU Cooler will assist you to preserve an eye on your phones temperature, and if its too high to lower load of your CPU.

????️ Proactive Protection Widget
Proactive Protection Widget lets you monitor the maximum vital parameters of your device such as CPU temperature, amount of unfastened memory and and so forth

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