Experience epic, fast, truly tactical space combat against other players.

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nblg stp com ParallelSpace InfernoEXPERIENCE EPIC SPACE COMBAT

In BATTLESHIP APOLLO, you create your warfare deliver and equip it by deciding on among limitless of alternatives for guns, guide opponents, and other unique abilties. You will bring your Battleship to combat in a spread of situations towards cunning, tactical, unpredictable human fighters. Your each day fight efforts will add up to full-size rewards over time, with new regions, new Battleships, new talents and special occasions making themselves available as you progress.

BATTLESHIP APOLLO respects a while, with immediately load instances and brief combat that normally resolves within a couple of minutes. At the same time, it lets in you to spend as a lot time as you need in the sport, with out artificial development walls. We have taken special care to dispose of superfluous Real Time Strategy elements, while nevertheless retaining whats crucial to preserve tactical depth.


Two hundred years have surpassed due to the fact the beginning of colonization and the activities of Hades Star. The Hades Galaxy is now more volatile than ever.

Obsessed with being the first to find the private secrets and techniques of the Universe, the Corporations are spending considerable resources to gain the slightest technological advantages.

Massive Battleships, bigger than something visible before, are being constructed in shipyards all around the Galaxy.

As one in every of many Battleship Commanders, you’ve got a vital role to play in the War ahead.


– Control large Battleships, every with their own unique ability, and customize them with countless alternatives for weapons and modules.
– Pick from severa devices and strategies to attain victory in diverse combat conditions against real players.
– Make seen development together with your fleet and era over weeks, months and years.
– Organize with different players in Corporations to proportion understanding and progress together.
– Play at your very own tempo: Nobody will unfairly scouse borrow your assets or development at the same time as you are offline.

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